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**by making an appointment it will be implicit that you have read & agree to these terms & conditions**



I am fully qualified & insured to carry out all treatments that are currently offered




credit & debit cards 

**a charge of 50p will be made for transactions

under £15 when paying by card**


instant bank transfer

please check your card is valid before use or you have an alternative method of payment - thank you


sorry NO cheques


*to save mutual embarrassment please check you have sufficient &/or acceptable method of payment before commencement of treatment


*please do not be offended if you are asked to pay prior to treatment rather than on completion of your appointment



*please note I work from home on a 'one to one' basis, I am unable to offer dual appointments & I have no 'waiting room' (but my front garden is a lovely place to sit & wait)

*but the parking is FREE :)

*unfortunately it is not a suitable environment for children so please arrange your appointment when you have childcare provision

(children will not be allowed on the premises as this contravenes health & safety and my insurance provisions)

*Gentlemen clients will only be accepted for certain treatments and need to be accompanied by a female chaperone - this is for health & safety reasons - NO exceptions!

*when you book your appointment you will be asked for the following details:

name, telephone number, what treatment you would like, whether you have been to me before


*you may be asked for a deposit & for some treatments payment in advance is required


*if you using a pre-paid voucher from kgb please have the voucher codes ready to quote, appointments made with vouchers will not be confirmed until voucher code has been verified - so please check and don't assume! Also please be clear on your treatment requirements so sufficient time is allocated to your appointment 

*if you are using a voucher to 'pay' for your treatment(s) please ensure you present it at the start of your appointment or full payment will be required

*voucher users please mention this when booking & bring the voucher with you or be able to show it on your smart phone at start of appointment, or full payment will be charged




*sometimes it is necessary to cancel but

please give at least 48 hours (thats 2 of my working days) notice - as it is not always possible to fill 'last minute' gaps! 


*if you have a pre-paid treatment/course of treatments/gift voucher & miss an appointment or cancel at short notice (for whatever reason) this appointment will not be re-bookable or refundable - the cost will be taken as a 'no show'/cancellation fee for loss of earnings


 *unfortunately, if you miss an appointment or cancel at short notice, it may mean I am unable to give you future appointments or you will be asked to pre-pay in full at time of booking to secure any future appointments


*if you are running late please let me know - if you arrive too late I may not be able to see you


*it is very rare that I cancel an appointment - please be assured it is not something done lightly & you will be re-booked as soon as possible




*please park considerately & not inconvenience my neighbours


*if you are early for your appointment please be aware you may be encroaching on someone else's treatment time, also sometimes treatments can take longer than anticipated - so please take a seat in my front garden & I will be with you as soon as I can

(constantly ringing the doorbell will only spoil someone else's treatment

& not get the door answered any quicker!)


*please leave wet umbrellas outside


*please remove outdoor shoes & leave in entrance hall





*all new clients will be asked to fill out a personal record card which includes personal details & some basic medical questions


*for more intensive/specialised treatments more indepth consultation & records will be completed


*suitability for treatment is assessed at this stage & it is my decision whether to treat or not - I may ask for more information or consent in writing from your G.P./consultant if necessary


*some treatments require some preparation - it is your responsibility to ensure you have carried out that preparation, e.g. removal of mascara & a patch/allergy test 48 hours before eye treatments


*these measures are for your protection so please be honest about any medical conditions, medication you are taking & please feel free to ask questions


*please inform me of any change in circumstances so I can update your records as this might affect the suitability/effectiveness of ongoing treatment




*all products used are secured from the original manufacturers distributor to ensure they are genuine


*no products are 'own brand' - what it says on the bottle is in the bottle!


*all treatments & products have been meticulously researched & are used because I believe they are the best & offer good value!





*I do my best to keep prices competitive  




n.b. all prices & treatments are correct at time of printing but I reserve the right to change them without notice